• Heather Huff

The Day I Hired My First Business Coach

A few reasons why I hired a business coach and why you may need one too!

Hiiii-yaaaah!! (Karate) I feel like I've been kicking life's big ol' booty lately!!

But yet, at the same time, I feel totally overwhelmed and a little over my head. Ha!

Okay, so I do a lot. I'm a mom of three little boys - ages 1.5 yrs old (twins) and 3 yrs old. Life is a blast and it's also an uphill climb. Raising three small destructive kids isn't easy. They have no concern about their bodies and will plunge off surfaces, run around and get into everything (I'm getting my steps in ha) and the twins are only starting to listen to the toddler. He's in charge. lol The threes....

Meanwhile, I'm in the beginning of my Coaching career! I'm creating a new company and branding myself.. whilst normal life continues! #somuch

So? What did I do?

I hired a Business Coach to help me out.

I'm excited! It's just what I needed. Here are my thoughts on hiring a coach:

1. Having someone to talk to about your business is so important. You need 'that person' to get-it-all-out with! Seriously! Starting a new business is a mountain of work and emotions. For the past 7 months of starting my own brand, I've been confiding in my husband, and I know he needs a break! LOL Having someone with knowledge in your field, who's been there before, is REALLY important! They get it!

2. Because they get it, they have advise to give!!! Gah! This is the best part. Your coach has been there! They know what has and hasn't worked for their business, they've been paying attention to the industry, they have the knowledge you need to make massive leaps in your business. Get there faster - Hire a mentor!!

3. Someone is watching! (Not in a creepy way) but someone is paying attention to the work you do or do not do! You have someone to be accountable to. Someone who cares enough to know whether you are doing your best work and call you out on it. That right there gives you the inner drive to perform at your highest level, wouldn't you agree?

All of these things plus a thousand more reasons why I'm super excited to have added an amazing person into my life to help guide me down my path.

I have a lot of dreams and I'm a needy student (hahaa) Let's do this!

xo, Heather

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