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10 Things To Do Besides Eat When You're Upset

Feeling upset? Considering sabotaging your diet to feel a little better? STOP! Take a deep breath and read this list of alternatives.

Before I began my Keto journey, whenever I would feel like crying, yelling, or crawling into a hole, I would walk straight towards the fridge and feed my feelings. Eating whenever I felt upset was the only thing that seemed to make it a little less stressful. Motherhood isn't always rainbows when you're taking care of babies and a toddler.. for me, it looked a lot like cheeseburgers, french fries, and ice cream.

Unfortunately, anxiety and depression aren't magically cured when you lose weight and commit to a healthier lifestyle - So what do I do now whenever the lows feel really low? Not emotionally eat! - Which is sooo hard, so I've made a list of 10 things I should be doing instead of obsessing over food.

#1 Go On A Walk

"Get out of the house and as far away from the fridge as possible."

The hours between dinner and bedtime are the worst for me when I'm feeling anxious. To get my mind off of the situation, I put on my walking shoes, get the kids in the triple stroller, and go for a walk around my neighborhood. There is a pretty lake trail near my house and the change of scenery allows me to clear my head and refocus my feelings.

#2 Clean

"Declutter your space and your head."

Before when I would reach for a snack to calm my nerves, I was wanting to feel a sense of control over a problem that I couldn't solve. Now, whenever I feel like something is out of my hands, instead of eating, I clean my house. If I can't change the situation, I can change my environment. Removing physical clutter can also help remove emotional clutter. Grab a broom and get to tidying!

#3 Journal It Out

"Grab a pen and let your feelings out through writing."

There is no denying that the power of journaling can be therapeutic on many levels. Need to make sense of your feelings? Dedicate 20 minutes straight to free-writing your thoughts. It's very likely that, by allowing yourself to feel your feelings, you can fully understand where the emotion is coming from and how to proceed from there.

#4 Read a Book

"Escape to another place in your mind."

Reading, for me, is an opportunity to be someone else for a short period of time. Opening a good book and using my mind for creativity is a far better use of my imagination than sitting around worrying about what could happen. Is what I'm stressed about real or made up? Whatever the issue, a steamy romance novel or personal development book can help me relax my ever-thinking brain.

#5 Play With My Kids

"Find comfort in the love for your children."

Doesn't it seem like your bad day just gets better when you see your children laughing and playing? Join in! Let go of everything that is troubling you and just be in the moment with your babies. Say yes to a game or wrestle on the floor. Make it your mission to make them feel loved - it may make YOU feel better too!

#6 Cry

"Let it go, let it go!"

Who says you can't cry on Keto? Crying is actually 0 carbs and totally worth it! Feeling upset is nothing to be ashamed of! Sometimes it takes a good cry to really feel the feels. Accept where you are so you can make a plan to move forward. Throw on a sad song, get in a good crying spot, and give in! It's your party and you can cry if you want to!

#7 Get Creative

"Do something that moves you."

Whether it's dancing, singing, painting, or even doing your makeup, find something that allows you to mentally slow down for a bit. Use that moment of expression to refocus your energy on something more productive than stress and anxiety. Find a creative outlet and you'll be having too much fun to even think about going for a feel-good treat.

#8 Meditate

"Quiet your mind."

Ever tried meditation? You should! There are tons of health benefits to the practice of Meditation, including an increase in self-awareness, immune health, and anti-aging to name a few. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, even just five minutes can help ease anxiety! If you're not sure how to meditate, go search guided meditations on YouTube to get your Zen on!

#9 Help Someone

"Pay it forward."

When I've felt stressed in the past, a great way for me to refocus my energy was by doing an act of service for someone. Mentally step away from the problem and use your time toward helping a family member or friend with a project. You will be putting some space between yourself and the situation. Plus, you will be helping someone you care about and that might cheer you up.

#10 Make A Plan

"Identify the triggers and make a plan of action."

Is someone or something triggering you to feel sad and emotionally eat? If so, recognize the problem and make a plan to avoid the scenario. Now, don't stop watching This Is Us just because it makes you cry, but if someone makes you feel less than, decide whether or not this person is meant to be in your life. Surround yourself with positivity! Make a plan (or a list like this ;-) ) for when you feel upset and turn to it before you head to the pantry!

You control the situation by how you decide to react to it. Don't let a bad 5 minutes ruin your day and diet!



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