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Do you ever feel like there's another level with your name on it, but you're exhausted from the hustle it took to get you where you are now?

You know that leveling up in business will require you to create balance and ease so you can grow your income beyond 5-10K months and reach 7-figure possibilities 


You know that in order to scale your business, that you'll need to expand your mind and spiritual understanding,


BUT you are having a hard time recognizing your inner guidance when it comes

Can you discern between your intuition and fear yet?

You're past the foundational phase of entrepreneurship and you feel the nudge to start playing with the Universe to create movement and growth to reach your next income potential. 

And you KNOW that in order to reach your next income level, that you'll need to be in total alignment with the energy of creation: Mind, Body, & Soul!

Maybe you recognize within yourself a GIFT from the Divine and you're ready to start exploring this magical side of yourself so you can begin your awakening to the POWER inside of you?

You know that taking aligned action in your business will get you there FASTER, but trusting your inner-intuitive requires more FAITH than you currently have

Are you ready to be a spiritual millionaire that collaborates with the Universe to make quantum shifts a daily occurrence ?

The 4 Month Mastermind for tapping into your intuitive gifts, channeling aligned strategy for your business, and taking massive inspired action to scale your life and business to a place of limitless potential and wealth creation, so you can enjoy a 6-7 figure lifestyle of ease, abundance, and flow! 


Welcome to Intuitive Ceo!

Hi, my name is Heather Huff, I’m a spiritual mentor and business strategist for entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and highly ambitious women. I am also a psychic who loves using my GIFTS of Clairvoyance, Intuitive Numerology, and Angel Communication to collapse time in my business and get to my income goals at quantum speed by using Aligned- Action to guide my every move and strategy!

I help women overcome fears around their earning potential, shake off the pressure and overwhelm of doing #allthethings, and help them construct a unique business strategy that perfectly aligns with their vision and purpose! 


But enough about me! Let's talk about YOU, my soulmate client!

The ideal candidate for my mastermind is a fierce as F woman who understands that she is in charge of her own life and success, and she is determined to not only reach new heights of income potential, but break through all barriers to get there! She sees the benefits to both a woo + do style of mentorship because she BELIEVES deep inside that there's more to life than just what she can see! She is ready to adopt new beliefs around prosperity and bring ease and flow into her business. She's ready to tap into her spiritual gifts and work with energy to create effective strategy that is totally aligned with her dream lifestyle! Every trial from her past has given her a gift of knowledge and she's motivated to use her story and purpose to be a champion for change!

Coaching with me is right for you if:

  • You’re ready scale your life and business beyond 10K months 

  • You desire a mentor to help you tap into your intuitive gifts

  • You want to increase your consciousness and spiritual understanding

  • You are ready to bring in high paying clients on a more consistent basis

  • You want to be massively supported on building your next level biz strategy

  • You are ready to co-create on a whole new level with the Universe

  • You are ready to expand mentally so you can attract more opportunity


Does this speak to you? Yes? Maybe? My unique coaching style of combining both spiritual principles with practical business strategy creates quantum shifts for all of my clients, and not everyone is ready for this.

I’m a high performance coach looking to work with a woman who is 100% committed to her success and willing and ready to invest in herself to fully step into her power and start playing the long game of success.

If this is you, let's do the damn thing!


This Mastermind is a hybrid between group and 1:1 coaching for the woman who is ready to tap into her intuitive gifts so that she can confidently make moves in her business that are aligned with the Universe and her income goals!

  • Two 30 min 1:1 calls per month

  • Unlimited email & Voxer support M-F

  • Two Hot Seat Zoom Group Coaching Calls per month

  • Twice monthly Masterclasses 


  • Conscious CEO Workshop: Achieve total clarity around your business and soulmate clients and learn how to declutter your mind, body, and soul, so you can channel prosperity in your business.

  • Intentional Community Building Workshop: Learn the exact strategy I used to build a Facebook group of nearly 30,000 people so I can sell my offers and attract new leads everyday!

  • Levels of Consciousness Masterclass: Learn the levels of consciousness and how to speak directly to your target market through aligned content that is at their level of transformation.

  • Creating Transformations: How to help your clients see their untapped potential in business so you can help them SEE the possibilities of growth with you.

  • Spiritual Delegation Workshop: Learn how to hire Angels to work with you in your business and other intuitive techniques for saving you time and energy so you can focus on YOUR JOB of making money!

  • Aligned Strategy Seminar: Let's build a business strategy that you believe in that is totally aligned with your growth and help you magnetize new high ticket clients and expand your reach and earning potential.

  • How To Receive: Learn how to BE in the state of receiving so that you can stop resisting growth in your life + biz and be open to receive all the wealth and abundance that you've been manifesting but haven't gotten yet!

  • Body Consciousness: Let me help align your body to the perfect energy frequency so that you can have increased intuition, energy, and be a beacon for sales, ideas, divine guidance, and increased confidence!


  1.  $2,500 monthly payments

  2. $10,000 paid in full for 4 months


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: To ensure that the women who register are totally committed, I ask for a minimum 60 day commitment upfront ($5,000)


For questions of whether this opportunity is for you, please email heather@heatherhuff.net.

I am very selective with who I work with, as I only take on a select group of women per year to mentor through my Mastermind opportunity. Should you be a fit, I will respond to your application (see below) and personally invite you to a call with me.

If you know you were made for more, let’s seek the heights together!


Heather Huff