Heather Huff, Success Coach and Business Mentor for Creatives, Coaches, and Entrepreneurial Women


A wife, mom of three boys, and a Spiritual mentor and life coach for women! I help passionate women know their self-worth and fully realize that they were made for more! I help women create a  life that lights them on fire! (Not literally, but you get my point) I help women manifest a life they love, earning the paycheck of their dreams!

I'm Heather Huff

I work with Purpose-Driven women to step into their power by getting clear on what they’re truly passionate about, helping them ditch the overwhelm of focusing on #allthethings, and craft a unique plan of action to actually make progress in their personal and professional life, all while helping them cultivate a mindset for success and abundance!

Fact: How you show up in your business affects your life and how you show up in your life spills over into your business.

Far too often I see women get stuck in the various phases of growth in their career and life because they feel insecure, low self esteem, and FEAR. Or, they’re ready to up level and dream bigger, but feel a tremendous pressure around "getting it right." This fear and pressure follows them into their personal life and creates mental chaos around manifesting their dream paycheck and feeling the abundance that is unconditionally available to them.


This is where I come in.


I've combined my degree, years of leadership knowledge, and universal intelligence to create my signature coaching style. I believe that when we can get real about our goals and align our natural talents, we can create magic! The world needs your gifts! It's my job to help you get in touch with your Higher Self and begin to channel guidance from the Universe, so that you can confidently take action in your life!


I am you, further down the path, reaching out to guide you through the doubt so you can get to that place where your joy meets results, where your passion serves both you and others, where personal growth yields profit.

Grab a coffee and get deep with Heather Huff, Success Coach and Business Mentor for Creatives, Coaches, and Entrepreneurial Women

How did I get here?

I’m so glad you asked! Grab some coffee, let’s get deep.

I graduated college with a degree in Advertising and Journalism and set out into the world with guns a'blazing.  At the age of 22, I was already making my first 6-figures by quickly rising in the corporate sales world. Deciding that I needed to differentiate my resume a few years later, I found myself in the world of online marketing, managing email campaigns and social media for huge organizations.


Ultimately, motherhood pushed me to discover new passions - being in control of my time - so that I could be a more active participate in my children’s lives.


I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do- enter the MLM world. Turns out, I have a knack for social selling because I was able to reach executive ranks in the company in only 8 short months, becoming one of the .01%, while building a network from scratch.


After losing 45lbs and having a spiritual awakening, the call to become a soloprenuer was too enticing and I knew in my heart that I could better serve others by utilizing my complete skillset to empower women to go do, be, and create the life and biz of their dreams. Through mind-body-soul activation and my method of Total Alignment, I have helped thousands of women change their life and align to their highest divine timeline!

Has it always been easy?

No. There have been plenty of “learning moments” as I like to call them. Raising a family and following your career calling can be a lot to manage, but the fire inside me kept me pushing, learning, and growing.


Through trusting my own intuition and following the nudges from the Universe, I have landed here.


I believe that it’s our purpose on earth to find that creative spark that can serve as a guide post in our daily lives.


We were given special talents and desires, not by accident, but rather because it’s our hero’s quest to lean into those dreams and show up to play our part in a bigger way. I believe that when we follow our joy, we can create a life that we design.


My mission is to help you get clear about what you truly desire, ditch the overwhelm-comparison game and construct a unique plan of action so that you can confidently create a life that lights you on fire and has you attracting more abundance and prosperity into your life with ease.

So, let's connect and figure how we can can work together to make sure you are hitting your dreams and potential. 



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